Monday, October 20, 2014

whole wheat vegan bread

I am so beginner at bread I can't even tell you.  I can count on one hand how many loaves of bread I have made, all of which have been in a cheater bread machine.  That being said, two of the loaves have been recipes of my own tweaking so I will take a bit of credit.   One day, I am going to make bread from scratch with my own two hands, just so I can appreciate the process.  Until then, I will gladly appreciate my amazing bread machine.

This bread loaf comes to you from a need for something heavy and dense.  I had tried the plain white bread from the bread machine manual, and also a garlic cheese bread of my own creation.  Both were good, but they were not fulfilling nutritionally.    This bread went along with some very yummy minestrone soup.  We put real butter on it today, but one day, when I am feeling ambitious, and have more than a small handful of cashews on hand,  I think I would like to try it with cashew butter.  I modified this bread just slightly from a recipe I found on the web at Guilty Kitchen

whole wheat vegan bread

1 C original, unsweetened almond milk
2/3 C water
2 Tbs Olive Oil
2 Tbs amber coconut nectar
2 tsp salt
3 3/4 C wheat flour
3/4 C mix of chia seeds, raw sunflower seeds, flax meal
2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast
2 Tbs vital wheat gluten

I put it all in the bread pan in the order mentioned and ran it on the whole wheat cycle with medium crust.  It came out PERFECT.  I would let it cool for at least 30 minutes or be careful when cutting into it.

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